If it works… why not?

I could just be fooling myself with this one, but if it works, then it isn’t really a bad thing right?

I fell in to the marketing trap and purchased some Neuro3x.  It’s supposed to make you more focused, motivated and have more energy.  Among other claims.  I was interested in the motivation and energy more than anything else.  I received my bottles yesterday and took my first one this morning.

I started feeling more focused and energetic after about 10 minutes.  Almost too focused.  I started trying to do more on my to-do list before finishing other things, which is the way I am.  I felt figity all over, like I needed to be doing something… anything.  After about an hour and a half I felt tingly all over, mostly in my fingers and toes.

Once I arrived at work, boy was I focused.  I had energy and I lasered in on each task set before me.  Needless to say, I got shit done today.  A lot.

Now near the end of the day, I feel a little tired, but not sleepy.  I still have an energy level higher than normal but I’m a little more calm.  I’m still constantly thinking about tasks to do, I had to force myself to write this post instead of following up on emails that really don’t need following up on just yet.

And this is after just 1 day.  1 pill.

Now, I fully acknowledge that I could be fooling myself into feeling this way with the mere thought of this stuff working. I accept that it could be a total scam and this stuff doesn’t actually boost anything in my brain/body.  But even if it’s just me fooling myself into believing it works… doesn’t that still kinda mean it works?  I could be said it’s like the God theory.  God exists because you believe.  Proof isn’t needed as long as you believe.

Bottom line is, something made me more focused, energetic, and motivated to work today.  Whether it’s the pill or just me wanting to believe it’s the pill, it worked.