D is right, weddings are contageous. After going to 2 weddings in 2 weeks, we started talking about what we’d do for ours. Then today I made a list of guests based on a 50 person guest list (hers and mine combined). 25 guests each, plus us. I included the officiate and wedding party in the guest list.
We want something themed. The 2 we went to, while very nice, were also pretty traditional. We aren’t traditional. We like to dress up. Most people we know don’t dress up like we do, so the ‘party favors’ would have to be things they can wear within the theme. We’d also find a location that suits the theme.
We’ve briefly discussed ‘big’ wedding vs private wedding. Private being her, I, and SuperK only. Probably at some foreign location. Private would be cheaper, but I would kind of like to include friends, so that’s where the ‘big’ talk came in.
As for names, I’m not ready to change mine yet, and I’m not sure anymore if I ever will. She likely wouldn’t take my name anyway, or at best hyphenate(sp) hers so she could keep using her maiden name alone for work. I don’t think that bothers me. We don’t plan on having a kid, so our names stop with us.

In looking for themes/locations, I found a Masquerade ball happening at the end of June. I WANT TO GO! Looks like it’d be a lot of fun.