The name game

Because of circumstances beyond my control, I’ve lived with my current last name all this time.  Because of how I got it and the types of relationships I had growing up I never put much stock in bloodline or family name.

Until recently I’d always wanted to change my name but never decided on what to change it to.  It took my mother passing away to finally choose a name.  My new last name will be her first name.  It’s a common last name, nowhere near as unique as my current one, but it’ll mean something to me.  It’ll be the name I never had.

She chose my first name, so I’m keeping that.  I’m honoring her with my new last name.  But my middle name… it’s never meant anything to me.  It’s one of the most common East coast names there is.  I want to make my middle name mine 100%, so I’m going to change it also, to something I think is cool and different.

I plan to start the process after I get back from vacation.  Hopefully it can be done by the holidays.

This will also allow me to restart my online presence.  Be more careful about what I share, and with who/what sites.  I’m thinking about moving away from the madhouse that is FB and jumping over to Google+, or solely using Instagram.  Twitter isn’t a consideration, that site is as big a cluster-fuck as FB.

We’ll see.