Nanu Nanu

You know, when Reagan passed away I got a little emotional.  Not because I liked him as an actor or the President, but because he was the first President I really remembered as a kid.  A piece of my childhood went away when he died.

There have been very few celebrity types to pass away and have an effect on me, but today Robin Williams died.  He wasn’t an actor that fans obsessed over.  He wasn’t all over TMZ every other day.  He was an actor that stood the test of time, and delivered greatness with every role he played.  I grew up on Mork & Mindy, and saw many of his films over the years.  

When Reagan died, a piece of my childhood went away.  With Robin Williams, it’s a small piece of my growing up.  He’s been there all this time and now he’s gone.  I’m actually having trouble typing properly because of it.

I mourn for a stranger, and all the characters he portrayed.