The vacation lie

I’ve come to realize, vacations are not relaxing.  You may relax while on vacation, but a vacation as a whole is not relaxing.

There’s the planning before hand, the ordeal of getting there, deciding what to do once you’re there, the ordeal of going from one thing to another, then the final ordeal of getting home and back to work.  Let’s not forget all the work that builds up while you’re gone, even if someone else is helping to cover your responsibilities there will always be some stuff you have to handle.

Sight seeing vacations are the worst, but even ‘relaxing’ vacations tend to be an ordeal.

Staycations can also be tiresome if you make local plans.

A vacation is meant to allow you to de-stress and refocus.  But I swear, the last couple vacations I’ve gone on, the stress and unfocused levels shot right back up when they were over.  It’s like I didn’t even go.

I need a do-nothing-cation.  A vacation where I just do nothing for a few days.  Eat whatever whenever I feel like it.  Take a nap whenever.  Maybe not even go outside if I don’t feel like it.  No responsibilities to worry about or plans to make.  Just nothing.  All day.

I think do-nothing-cations are the only ones that really give our brains a rest.  Regular vacations and sight seeing vacations, they still require our brains to work.