I admit I haven’t been keeping a good diet like I’m supposed to.  At all.  Lately I noticed my vision was a little blurry, but figured I just wasn’t getting enough sleep.  Then yesterday I randomly decided to check my glucose level, and it was way high.  Like, almost as high as after my mom died.  Great timing too since my Januvia ran out over the weekend.  Waiting for the refill to come in the mail.

AND my weight is up.  I haven’t been exercising either.

When I saw the high number yesterday, I stopped with diet soda.  I’m drinking water and Powerade Zero (or Propel Zero) now.  And milk.  I went to be earlier last night in the hopes of getting up early and exercising, but that didn’t happen.  While I did wake up early, I just couldn’t get out of bed, I was still REALLY tired.  As my excuse… it’s the first day, I can’t expect to be rip roaring and ready to go, my body hasn’t adjusted to the sleep schedule yet.  Will try again tonight.

Oh, I started calorie counting today.  And I’m going back to turkey salad’s for lunch (diced turkey, kale, couple broccoli’s or asparagus’s, and a tbls of parm cheese for flavor).

I can’t believe I let this happen again.