It all started on Labor Day

Before I left, I double asked her if she’d be ok.  Said I didn’t have to go.  But being as independent as she was, she told me she was fine, just tired, that I should go and have fun and she’d be fine.

So off I went.  Mountain biking in Big Bear with FunBobby.  We only did 1 run down, then got lunch and planned on doing another run. We were eating at McDonald’s, and at 1:05pm she called me.  And that’s when it started.

I frantically called my sister and my friends R and G.  Couldn’t get a hold of R, but got G.  She was able to go over and stay with my mom until the paramedics arrived, then she stayed until I was able to get home.  4 hours later.  I was a wreck the entire time. I didn’t know what was wrong, T hadn’t really given me any info, I almost lost my shit.

Just after I got home and was changing, T called and gave me an update.  Told me I should take my time, she was at the hospital with her. So I took the time to shave off the beard I had grown, shower, then head over.

And that was the first day of the end of her life.

The first week of October is hard because she died on the 1st, and her bday is the 3rd.  But September… September is the month of hell. It’s when all the bad happened leading up to her passing.

Labor day.  It all started on Labor day.