I don’t have much in the way of life dreams, as talked about in a previous post. But every now and then I get dreamy ideas. I would still like to own a cabin in the mountains. That said, lately I’ve been interested in modular homes and tiny homes. Even a bit interested in container homes. More so container homes lately, and here’s why…

I’m optimistic and hopeful there won’t be any major catastrophe, natural disaster, or war like event in California in my lifetime. However;  I do get worried about North Korea and terrorists attacking the US. On the side there’s the earthquake issue also.

So the reason I’m interested in a container home is to have somewhere safe to store supplies and live in for whatever amount of time if I need to get out of the city. On Netflix there’s a show called ‘Doomsday Preppers’ and some of the stuff was pretty interesting. The reasons for those people to have shelters wasn’t exactly in line with my reasoning, but their paranoia allows for some great ideas and tips. The thought for me is, a container home could look like just a container on the outside, but the inside is stocked with supplies and sleeping arrangements etc.

I’m thinking 3 containers on a plot of land in the mountains. 2 containers above ground, and 1 below ground as a shelter to hide/survive in. The underground one wouldn’t be welded to the top 2, but rather connected via an ‘escape hatch/stairway’ from the floor above. That way if anything happens to the above 2, the in-ground one would still be intact.

I know, in an earthquake the below ground one could be moved, shifted, dented, etc. I have an idea for that too. Before the container is placed in the ground, surround the entire thing with tires. Maybe 2 tires wide all around it. This would allow for ground shifting, expanding, and squeezing without damaging the container. Sure it might get off balance a bit, but that’s a small price to pay for safety.

The above 2 containers would basically be a cabin in disguise. Placed next to each other for more floor space. All doors capable of being opened, with screens on the inside to stop bugs from flying in. No need for windows. Locks from the inside while I’m there, outside with a fat padlock or 4 when I’m not.

The container idea allows me to not have to be there every weekend to make sure no one has broken into it. Chances of someone breaking into a container that’s sitting in the middle of the woods is pretty low. Much lower than if it were a tiny house with little to no security features.

If I did got the tiny house route, I’d probably follow this guys’ lead, minus the permanent aspect. And have a single container underground with nearby access.


I’d actually consider that if I could find a nice plot in like Malibu or something. Not too far from work but far enough to feel a little secluded. But that’s a whole other dream, it just happens to share some similarities with the mountain one.

None of this will likely happen. My current life just doesn’t allow for the time or resources to do it, and I have to admit I wouldn’t spend as much time up there as I like to think I would.