Grandparents’ home

I’ve never been very family oriented. Who am I kidding? I’ve never been family oriented at all. My mother and father never married. My birth father left my mom before I was even born. I know nothing about him, not his name, not what he looks like, not how long they dated, not even when he left before my birth. While I was young, my mom dated and eventually married T’s father, all the while putting up with her ex husband (the guy whose name I was given, to ‘not confuse the kids’, she had 3 with him). When she decided to move T and I west, we never had a stable place to live. We stayed in motels and small apartments (if we were lucky) and at times stayed with friends she had made. So to say I came from a broken home would not be an over-statement.

From what I read of my mom’s journals and letters and what not after she died, she didn’t always get along with her mom, my grandmother. We called her ‘memere’ (meh-may), French-ish for grandmother (likewise, pepere (peh-pay) for grandfather). We didn’t spend tons of time with them obviously since we moved, but even before we moved I think the only times we went over to their house was for major holidays and the occasional BBQ. After they both passed away, my Aunt P and Uncle C stayed living in the house. I guess a few years ago they came into hard times and had to sell the house. It’s on the east coast in MA, not really a place I want to move to as and adult. However… I don’t think Aunt P thought to offer the house to family. Yeah I don’t think of them as family, but that house is the only one I associate as being ‘childhood home’ related.

I looked up how much it sold for, and I honestly probably could have bought it (financed). I know ‘family’ is what most people consider as their link to the past, but since I’m not that kind of person, I feel like that house was my link. And now it can’t be. Which is funny when you consider the ‘you can’t take it with you’ saying that I try to live by.

This whole thing came about because I saw a video about how bad the California drought is. I started thinking of where I/we could move to, and since D makes more than I do, if she were able to transfer to the NY office we could move out there. Then when looking around at NY homes, I randomly thought to look up the house. And now I’m all nostalgic and sad.