Steam punk would be cool for a wedding theme.  And/or for Halloween.

SuperK has Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.  No camping this weekend.  I don’t really want to go without D.  She wasn’t looking forward to it anyway.  Still need to plan something for her brother and cousins’ bday camping trip though.  I wonder if there’s any places near Big Bear Lake or if those are all off in the distance.  Time to hit up google.  Might have to forego the camping though, consider how booked El Capitan was, there’s a decent chance no place will have any spots available even now.

Just as I was getting into the workout groove again, Diablo 3 comes out.  I haven’t worked out at night for 2 days straight.  Been playing the game.  Need to buckle down and do it right when I get home.  Eat and work out before D calls, then play after we hang up.

Since my home pc plays the game ‘ok’, no need for a new video card yet.  Which means I’ll be buying a power tower and/or heavy bag+stand soon.  Probably next week so some bills can go through this week.