Home is where the heart is


And my heart always feels at home in a truck. After 6 years with the Forester I decided it was time for a truck again. I can afford the gas now, and I just feel more “settled” in a truck. 

Initially I wanted a RAM Big Horn. I love RAM trucks (formerly Dodge Ram) so I visited the local dealer to look at some. The newer models are soooo much more comfortable than trucks “of old” and the RAM has a bunch of interior storage. They had none in the color and trim I wanted, so I ordered one. I had no choice but to order 2022 model year, so I did. Got my color, night edition, 4×4 package, pano sunroof, all the things I wanted. That was in May 2021. 

The dealer with-held info from me. They didn’t tell me about the chip shortage, nor did they inform me when my VIN was available. I had to contact them after like 3 weeks of waiting (the VIN should have come in like 3-5 days after the order). They were not communicative at all, except when the truck was ready… which was FIVE months late. They guaranteed me I’d have it in late July/early August, it didn’t get finished until late November and didn’t arrive to the dealership until mid December. 

Do I have a new RAM? No I don’t. In late August after discovering on my own (because the dealer wouldn’t give me accurate info) that my RAM wouldn’t be ready until November at the earliest, went and test drove a 2022 Rebel that was at another dealer. It was one of the first off the line. I loved everything about it! ……..except the AC. The AC sucked ass. We did a 20 minute test drive and had the AC on max, full cold, and we were still sweating by the time we got back to the lot. It did not cool the cab AT ALL. Living where I live, AC is pretty important. Also if I’m driving to Arizona to visit the college kid…. need that AC. I was SO disappointed. I looked online and sure enough, AC was a complaint that many had. 

By this time I was “temp driving” a 2002 Toyota Highlander. Read that year again, 2002. This Highlander had better AC than a brand spankin’ new 2022 RAM truck. TWENTY YEAR DIFFERENCE. This old ass beat up Highlander that had never had its AC serviced, blew colder and worked better than the RAM. That, coupled with a trusted friend pushing me to get a Toyota truck, got me looking at Tacoma’s and Tundra’s. Wife said the Tacoma was “itty bitty” so I focused on Tundra’s. In late September I found a decent deal (considering Covid times and chip shortages) on a 2019 Tundra SR5 4×4 and I bought it. It has the black out package, slightly shorter bed than the RAM, aftermarket suspension and wheels, dark tinted rear windows and a tow package (not that I’ll be towing much, but whatever). The Tundra is not as comfortable as the RAM. The Tundra gets horrible gas mileage. The Tundra has crap for storage. ……..but that AC is magical and makes me forget about all the other things.

When I bought the Tundra I emailed the RAM dealer to say I was cancelling my order. I didn’t hear from them again until November when the truck was coming off the assembly line. They texted me as if I was still ordering it. I replied saying I’d canceled. No response. Come mid-December I get another text saying the truck is on the lot if I wanted to go look at it. I knew I’d be tempted a little if I went, so I didn’t, nor did I respond. 

The Tundra has its issues (less comfort, fuel economy, etc) but I still love it. I’ve done 2 snow trips with it and done some dirt roading for the first time ever. So far so good, I’m happy with my purchase. I am a truck guy at heart, and home is where the heart is.