The name game

When to move in?  That’s the question.  But there are questions surrounding it…

  1. Do I change my name before I move?
  2. What do I change my name to?
  3. Will I really be ok with ‘R’?
  4. If not, do I take a form of her name?
  5. Or her name straight up?

It’s a pretty long process considering all the things that are tied to ones name.  Bank, mortgage, bills, SSN, license, etc.  I wonder if certain things can be left in your old name provided you have the paperwork proving that was your original name?  I know things like license, SSN, and bills should be switched over, but property?  Seems like a big hassle.  But I guess it would have to be, otherwise everyone would be changing their names left and right.

So far I’m leaning toward ‘R’.  I don’t think I’d want to take her name.  Since we don’t really plan on having more kids, and bloodline/family name don’t mean much to me, maybe she can just keep her name and I’ll choose something ‘cool’ that I like and we just have separate names.  We aren’t so traditional that our married name is top priority.

Have to decide soon so I can get the process started, have to have it done at least before we get married.  So some time this year should be the goal.  Part of me wants to have my name changed before I move in, so I only have to DMV once instead of twice.  Yes… I’m basing this on how many times I have to go to the DMV.  Goes to show how terrible the DMV is, eh?  lol