Squats? What squats?

I haven’t been ‘squatting’ lately.  The weather got weird, so my knees are acting up again.  I am however counting calories again.  And I’ve stopped drinking soda.  3 days in and I’m doing ok.  Weight hasn’t changed that much, but I’m not doing much cardio to help that so it’s expected.

The Del Sol has multiple problems now, so the idea of making it a time machine might just fizzle away.  Were I to try and make the time machine happen, I’d first have to fix/do the following:

  • Replace the SRS Control Unit – ~$500
  • Replace the suspension with stock – ~$500
  • Replace the fog light housing – ~$80
  • Replace/recharge the A/C – ~$???
  • Paint it – ~$300

So in parts alone I’m looking at about $1,600.  Probably double that with labor, and it’s more than the car is worth.   Ugh.  Have to question how bad I want the time machine.  Right now, I’m thinking not THAT bad.