Key West

D and I met up with Ze Germans last Friday for 5 days in Florida.  First 3 were spent in Miami Beach.  We stayed at a boutique hotel named “Red”.  It was just ok.  Nothing amazing.  Certainly better than Bliss in Amsterdam, but it surely was no Grand Waileia.

Did the hop on hop off tour bus thing, pool, beach, Cuban dinner, etc.  Miami Beach didn’t feel like anything special.

On the 3rd day we made the drive to Key West.  We stopped in Key Largo to go jet skiing and kayaking.  Was my first time doing both and I had a blast.  Made me want to buy a jet ski.  Kayaking on the other hand… I’m glad I did it, I’d wanted to for a long time, but my final thought on it is that it’s too much effort for not enough payoff.  I don’t want to buy one.

We also ate at the Waffle House there, it was ok.  More novelty than anything.

Driving down the keys was interesting.  Each key has its own name, and driving on the bridges was pretty cool because of how long they were, with water and small islands on either side.  Good stuff.

Key West was great.  The hotel was really nice, food was good, trolley tour was fun.  Walking around was tiresome, D and I are more about relaxing, but I still enjoyed it overall.

Key West is no Hawaii, that’s for sure, but it’s a good 2nd place currently.