A few years ago I randomly started writing poetry.  It’s rudimentary at best, but it’s the best I was able to do.  I didn’t TRY to write any of it, the words and emotions just came to me.  Sometimes I was happy when I wrote, sometimes I wasn’t.   This isn’t even all of them, I’ve written over 100 poems.  Some day maybe I’ll put them into book form.  Or not.

All writings below are copyright protected.  Do not use them without express written permission from myself.  Since I don’t list an email or anything on this site, you can’t contact me.  That means don’t use them.

Thankful for this hand

Happy I am when I’m on your mind
Happier I am when I find
You’ve longed for my presence all day
Antsy at the chance to say
You love me more than you thought you would
You love me more than you thought you could
Likewise I love you more than I’ve ever felt
I’m thankful for this hand I’ve finally been dealt
At last I found the woman perfect for me
A woman who makes me laugh and feel totally free
Forever I’ll love you and I know
Forever our love will continue to grow

I miss my mom

I’d never lost anyone close to me to death.
I’d never had to mourn someone’s last breath.
I didn’t think it would effect me this much.
Missing her presence, her voice, and her touch.
I should have been there by her side.
I should have been there to say goodbye.
Not being there during her last moment haunts me.
I layed in bed helpless and waiting just like she.
I know the stress and worry is what put me there.
I know in her heart she knew how much I cared.
Unlike she I awoke the next morning.
Tears of guilt and sadness swelled within me.
Often times I’m ok and even laughing.
But every so often I find myself crying.
Random fits of emotion take over.
It’s just seconds but it’s a rush of her.
Thoughts of her long time suffering and pain.
The realization that I’ll never see her again.It hurts me that she’ll never see my happiness.
Hurts me that she’ll never know my future wife.
But I know she’d want me to move past this.
To let the sorrow go and live my life.
A life not burdened by sorrow or guilt.
A happiness without a weighted heart.
She’d want me to be the man she built.
The man she was proud of from the start.I miss my mom.

What it means when she says “I love you”

Every ‘I’ makes me think of your beautiful face and how it hasn’t changed since the day I met you.
Every ‘love’ makes me think about all the fun we have together.
Every ‘you’ makes me know what it feels like to be in love.

Matters of the heart

When it comes to matters of the heart
Our hearts are all that matter from the start
of my day ’til the end of my night
Together at last feels so right
There are little things we don’t yet know
But thankfully we’re willing to grow
as one heart instead of a single two
Every step of the way, loving you

One and Only

You’re in my thoughts day in and day out
No time goes by when I don’t think about
Your soft smile and your loving eyes
Your heart gives me lovesick sighs
For every day I fall in love with you
I nearly tear up knowing you love me too
It’s like a dream when we’re together
A dream I want to be in forever
But reality is where we really are
Our hearts are near while our bodies are far
Away from each other too far to see
I wonder if you know how much you mean to me
I cry every time I hear that song
“One and Only” evokes emotions so strong
“This is how I feel about you” is what you said
And that’ll never leave my head
Or my heart

Like thunder

When we’re alone my eyes water with joy
When apart they water with love
Happy to know I’m not your boy
But your man you hold above
All others in your heart and in your life
Your love carries me to a place of wonder
Where warmth and happiness are rife
And my heart pounds like thunder

Confident enough

What we have goes far beyond lust
For each other we have the utmost trust
I’m not afraid you’ll do something so bad
That it’ll hurt me so much I’d be mad
Our hearts together are stronger than steel
But at times I know I make you feel
Like the freedom you crave is in danger
When really I support your desire to savor
Being the you that was hidden for so long
Because being you is what makes you strong
I don’t want you to be someone you’re not
If you were our love wouldn’t be so hot
You never have to worry about your puppies hurting me
I’m confident enough in us to know you see
That while for now you like to sometimes play
I love you for who you are and I’m here to stay

Looking at your love

Your love I crave as though it were air
Something I want to always be there
It lifts me up on the hardest of days
Making my heart smile bright as the sun’s rays
I look into your eyes and see my own heart
Looking forward to the day I’ll be a part
Of your world and every day life
Hoping some day you’ll be my wife
You’re a constant reminder of how great life can be
Not a second goes by where I don’t want you with me
Just looking at your love warms me through
Forever and beyond is how long I’ll love you

You so deserve

It’s amazing to me how awesome we are
Together we love near and far
The thought of leaving you makes me miss
And at the same time look forward to the next kiss
You put warm feelings in my chest
Close to you awake and in rest
I think of you every moment in every day
To the world “I love her” I want to say
In your heart is where I live
Every day wanting to give
You the love you so deserve

Up those steps

I look at you and see all your power
You lead the way and blaze the trail
When you’re on you’re as tall as a tower
Rarely hanging onto the rail
You fear falling as much as the next
The pull of gravity making you uneasy
But that doesn’t stop you from running up the steps
You don’t seem to grasp the concept of freezingYou meet the world and its troubles head first
Getting in its face and demanding its attention
Embracing its best and defeating its worst
But there’s more to you than that and then someI also see your softness and your calm
I see the side of you that rarely comes out
It’s in these times I want to hold your palm
So you feel safe with no need to poutLife is a big and heavy thing
You don’t have to be the only one
I’m here now and I’ll bring
My own power so you don’t always have to run…up those steps.

Finally humming

This day for me has been the best in years
I’ve had no worries and no fears
Excited I’ve been since I woke
Looking forward to when I stroke
Your hair in my hands and look in your eyes
As my heart leaps from my chest and flys
It feels like today is the first
Of many a quenched thirst
Strong and proud I am with you
Vulnerable and safe too
I think this was a long time coming
Our hearts finally humming
In rhythm together at last
Slow at times yet always fast

I’ll handle you

I get jealous I admit I do
When another man is all over you
Biting you kissing you or pulling your hair
I want you as mine I don’t want to share
I’m in love with you and can’t help but feel this way
Until now this I was scared to say
You have desires in your system
And I want to be the one to fulfill them
My heart for you I continuously spill
But if hard is what you need I will
I’ll handle you when you’re naughty
And remind you you’re mine when you party
I’ll give you the love and the handling you desire
To keep our love blossoming and on fire

Sappy thoughts

My head is filled with sappy thoughts
About the day my heart you caught
You weren’t interested at the time
But my love for you could never find
A replacement that made me feel the way
You make me feel every day
It hurt back then but my heart endured
You found your love for me and now it’s cured
Together is what makes me happy and without stress
I know I apologize but then still press
For us to really be together as a couple
I can’t help that every day your love doubles
The size of my heart and happiness with you

A man

Seeing you in pain hurts my heart
It makes me cry and want to start
Taking care of you to calm your woes
To purge your worry and make it go
Away where you never see it again
Putting a smile where the frown had been
I want to fill your heart with joy
So you never feel you need a boy
And love that you finally have a man

For so long

With all the darkness in the world
When with you there’s only light
My heart longs for you to be my girl
When we’re together everything feels right
The way you make my chest all warm
The way you make my eyes all moist
Every day I hope you form
The words “Chris you are my choice”
No one have I loved this much
Nor cared for so long
I’m filled with butterflies at your touch
To hide these feelings would be wrong
I’m in love with you.

Always been true

You inspire my heart to live
You inspire my heart to give
Every piece of me belongs to you
Of you my love has always been true
I fear a life without you in it
If you asked for my hand I would give it
If the time isn’t right I understand
And I do want to be your last man
The last one you ever want and need
Together is where I want us to be
For as long as you’ll have me

I want you to be happy

With you my sun shines bright
I love every day and every night
Without you I live in a shell
In a world I consider hell
My heart burns when I’m with you
And burns more without you
If heaven exists I swear it’s in your arms
For when I hold you I feel there’s no harm
That could befall us as long as we’re together
Loving each other forever and ever
I’m happier with you than I thought was possible
But life isn’t nearly that simple
I’m overly emotional and you don’t seem prepared
For a relationship and total life shared
You’ve meant more to me for a number of years
And lately my heart is filled with fears
Of a life without your love
I’ve kept things from you I shouldn’t have
And thought things that will make you mad
I have things I need you to know
Things I’ve felt but could never show
I don’t want us to ever be apart
But to truly be together I have to start
Being completely open and trusting you’ll understand
Hoping you won’t leave me and you’ll take my hand
I want you to be the happiest you’ve ever been

New Sky and Sun

When I look at you this is what I see,
The future becoming the past, and a family.
The world all around belongs to us,
Our happiness build from love and trust.
Each day brings with it a new sky and sun,
Every day with you is always fun.
Together we stand strong and proud,
Our love soaring beyond the highest cloud.
With you I feel I can do anything,
For you my heart will always sing.